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The U.S. Navy stages peace time war maneuvers to stay battle ready for the future. Nine enormous dreadnoughts and 59 submarines and destroyers arrive at San Pedro, California. Meanwhile the 30th infantry and 16th artillery regiments prepare to join the games in the Hawaiian Zone as they board the St. Mihiel transporter in San Francisco.

Date: 1932 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:01:51:00, No Audio

SD: $49 - Web (320): $39

Similar: battle ship, ships, dreadnought, dreadnaught, destroyer, destroyers, subs, submarine, submarines, war games, manuevers

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The entire world awaits the take-off of the famed Douglas B-19 bomber, largest to date. The 70-ton aerial dreadnaught, which will be able to carry 28 tons of bombs to Europe and back, undergoes "taxi" tests in Santa Monica, California in preparation for its first flight.

Date: 1941 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:00:35:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: airplane, airplanes, plane, planes, flight, flights, flying, fly, transportation, jet, jets, jumbo, air, aircraft, aeroplane

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Uncle Sam's "Two Ocean" Navy comes nearer to reality, as work is started on the new 45,000-ton super-dreadnaught, the U.S.S. New Jersey. Former Navy Secretary Edison takes part in the ceremonies.

Date: 1940 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:00:23:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: Navy, Naval, vessel, vessels, boat, boats, ship, ships, battleship, battleships, super-dreadnaught, super, dreadnaught, USS


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