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More than 200 memorial services recall the day in 1953 when Germans in the Soviet Sector attempted to revolt and were defeated by Soviet tanks and guns. Vice-Chancellor Erhard and Mayor Brandt lead 75,000 people in a rally before the town hall as a Freedom Torch is lit.

Date: 1963 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:01:09:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: Ludwig, Erhard, Brandt, Willy, mayor, mayors, vice, chancellor, chancellors, vice-chancellor, vice-chancellors, memorial, memorials, service, services

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A helicopter brings West German Chancellor Adenauer to a Texas celebration with Vice-President Lyndon Johnson at his Texas ranch. The Chancellor is presented with a ten-gallon hat.

Date: 1961 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:00:34:00, With Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: leader, leaders, politician, politicians, ruler, rulers, Chancellor, chancellors, Adenauer, West, German, Germany, Konrad, Vice-President, Vice-Presidents

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After a failure to build a majority government and weeks of negotiations, German president Paul von Hindenburg appoints Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to the position of Chancellor. Hitler meets with the also appointed Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen and Minister for the Prussian Interior Hermann Goering. The Berlin Storm Troopers hold a parade in Hitler's honor. Master in Apple Pro Res 422 HQ 29.97fps 1080p.

Date: January 30, 1933 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: HD
Length: 00:00:49:00, With Audio

HD: $199 - SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering, Franz von Papen, politician, politicians, chancellor, chancellors, Nazi, Nazis, Germany, German, Germans, historical, vintage

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German Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen walking on a Berlin street with supportive citizens following in 1933.

Date: 1930s - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Film: 16P
Length: 00:00:08:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: 1930's, 1930s, 1933, german, germany, Berlin, older, Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Franz von Papen , political, city, cities, urban

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President Johnson and Vice-President Hubert Humphrey make a round of courtesy calls on West German officials in Bonn after attending the funeral for former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. They pose for pictures with current chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger and vice-chancellor Willy Brandt.

Date: April 28, 1967 - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:00:37:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: Germany, Lyndon Baines Johnson , LBJ, Hubert Humphrey, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Willy Brandt, politician, politicians, official, officials, president, presidents, vice-president, vice-presidents


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