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1950s Family Boxing

eFootage was designed to make locating and obtaining stock film and video content a quick, easy, fun process.  We offer all kinds of material - from the dawn of film to the most contemporary of high-tech, digital, news and design images. 

Know exactly what you're looking for?  Jump right to our SEARCH page and start plugging in keywords.  You'll get fast, effective results immediately.  Want to watch the clip?  Press the JPG display and a STREAMING VIDEO FILE WITH AUDIO (where applicable) will be playing in no time. 

Want to show a co-worker what you've found?  E-mail them the clip, or an entire custom CART!  Want to save a variety of carts tied to a variety of projects?  No problem - registered eFootage users get unlimited cart capabilities - saved either by date of creation or by any title you care to give them. 

eFootage users can also take advantage of our special WISH LIST capabilities.  We're in the process of logging and streaming literally TENS OF THOUSANDS OF HOURS of material - so chances are if you're not finding what you're looking for immediately, you will be seeing it on our site soon.  Go ahead, try it - list something you'd like to see in the WISH LIST box and as soon as we place such material on the site - you'll be notified the next time you log in that a special CART is waiting for you - displaying your WISH LIST matches!  And take note - wish list requests get special preference as we decide what material will be logged and streamed next! 

You're also welcome to make an OFF-LINE SEARCH REQUEST of our archives.  Simply tell us what you're looking for and we'll do a careful search and let you know whether or not we can immediately help you! 

Not sure what you're looking for - need some inspiration?  We invite you to check out our special FEATURED CATEGORIES - the best of the best!  Here you'll find a vast array of extraordinary material - with every clip ready to be viewed on demand! 

Not only that, but after you've ordered material from eFootage, registered users can also check on all PROJECT LICENSES, and will be warned if any licenses are nearing their expiration date. 

And producers, please take note.  In many cases we do possess FILM BACKUP, including a great deal of 35mm NEGATIVE on much of our extraordinary DESIGN and CONTEMPORARY material, along with 16mm negative on some of our older, high quality INDUSTRIAL footage. 

eFootage can manage and represent your film and video element holdings. We can provide all necessarily cataloging, digitization, and licencing services for your library.

eFootage also provides stock clip film production, post-production, editing, mastering, and distribution services. eFootage also can create custom visual effects from scratch and from our existing holdings for use in your Blu-Ray, DVD, online, television, and web site productions. We can provide single clips and elements, as well as full feature services. An example of our full production and mastering services can be found at www.katrinacop.com.

So go ahead, dive in - a vast, magical array of moving image material awaits you! 


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eFootage is a premier HD, film and video stock footage archive (contemporary and vintage) specializing in news, industrial, and more.
We have over one million additional stock footage clips that we can search upon request.
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