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A paraplegic man flies a glider.

Date: September 3, 2006 - COLOR
Source: Video: DV
Length: 00:00:26:00, No Audio

SD: $49 - Web (320): $39

Similar: Wayne MacDonald, Freedom's Wings Canada, disability, disabilities, disabled, paraplegic, wheelchair, wheel, chair, chairs, fly, flies, flying, solo, glider

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President Fidel Ramos arrives in Toronto for a four day tour of Canada. He speaks to Empire Club at the Royal York Hotel.

Date: November 27, 1997 - COLOR
Source: Video: DV
Length: 00:00:51:00, With Audio

SD: $49 - Web (320): $39

Similar: 11/27/1997, 1997, 1990s, 1990's, November 27, President, boss, chief of state, commander-in-chief, head of state

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An unknown presiding officer of the 1963 Anglican Congress sits quiety in a regal red chair.

Date: 1963 - COLOR
Source: Film: 16P
Length: 00:00:10:00, No Audio

SD: $49 - Web (320): $39

Similar: Pan-Anglican Congress, Pan Anglican, Anglicans, inter-Anglican, inter , MR1, mutual responsibility, Church of England, man of the cloth, men, male, males, presiding officer, officers, leader

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Attractive young couples plan activities on the beach. Pan across lounge chairs shaded by umbrellas at a beach resort. A young mother watches her child taking a nap on one of the lounge chairs.

Date: January 30, 2007 - COLOR
Source: Video: DV
Length: 00:00:15:00, With Audio

SD: $49 - Web (320): $39

Similar: , cushions, carribean, vacation, vacations, spot, spots, getaway, hot sun, suns, shine, shining down, beach, beaches

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Still frame photograph of a man in a wheel chair sitting beside a pick up truck surrounded by numerous trophies and awards. An experimental shiny orange Dodge Ram sports truck adapted for wheel chair accessibility is showcased at at a trade show. A digital dash board aids drivers in a modified truck design for paraplegics. PLEASE NOTE - AUDIO AND VIDEO OF NEWS REPORTERS AND ANCHORS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING.

Date: May 19, 2003 - COLOR
Source: Video: BetaSP
Length: 00:01:39:00, With Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: tradeshow, trophies, awards, award, experimental, wheel chair, digital dash board, paraplegic, impaired, paraplegics, truck, trade show


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