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BLUESCREEN - A rotating space shuttle model. Great for possible (self-consciously low budget) comic skit effect.

Date: 2000s - COLOR
Source: Shot on Film, Exists on BetaSP
Length: 00:01:16:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: bluescreen, blue screen, space shuttle, toy, model, space program, comic effect, exploration, cheesy, exploration, design element, design layer, border, boundry, divider

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Via movie magic, a police chief does a back flip onto his trusty horse. Part of a Will Rogers' comedy parody of the Keystone Cops.

Date: 1920s - BLACK/WHITE
Source: Film: 16P
Length: 00:00:22:00, No Audio

SD: $99 - Web (320): $79

Similar: slapstick, gag, gags, humor, humour, humorous, humourous, comedy, comic, funny, amusing, antic, keystone cops, will rogers, police


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