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FUSION III    Clip ID: 18787
Source Type: Video: BetaSP Watch the Whole Clip:
Duration: 00:02:53:00

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Date: January 30, 2003
Color: Yes
Audio: Yes
Description: A bright blue flash on a computer screen represents a fusion / scientific reaction inside a reactor. Researchers and scientists inside a research space lab applaud and cheer after the success of an experiment. A 3D animated computer model shows a blue print draft of The International Thermo Nuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter). WS of a bright glowing sun at dusk, setting over a body of frozen water. Waves crash against a rocky, jagged shoreline. An aerial helicopter view shows the layout of a large industrial power plant in winter, snow partially covers the ground around the factory. A colorful animated model shows the interior design of a fusion powered reactor. A helicopter flies around a large wind turbine on the shores of lake Ontario. PLEASE NOTE: VIDEO AND AUDIO OF NEWS ANCHORS AND REPORTERS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING.

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