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Date: May 16, 1966
Color: No
Audio: No
Description: For the first time in 55 years, Britain's seamen went out on strike. At least 500 ships and 12,000 of Britain's 65,000 seamen were idled, and the strike had severe effects on Britain's economy. Empty, unloaded ships are shown. Containers are stacked next to ships on empty docks. A (Daily Mirror) newspaper is seen headlined “CALLING SEAMEN.” A man is standing on an elevated platform, talking to a large group of men. He is well dressed wearing a tan or white trench coat, with a dark turtleneck sweater underneath it. He wears glasses. In his right hand are papers and a folder for them. His left hand holds a microphone. His listeners are all men. All are dressed in better clothes than if they were going to work. There is a distribution of younger and older men.

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